Our technology

Improve enzymes
used in your pipeline

Our platform is capable of predicting enzyme activity with high
accuracy and at speeds faster than alternative methods.

1 Find a starting point and build a model1 week
2 Evolve enzyme to the target characteristics2 weeks
3 In vitro verification
of the top variants3-4 weeks

The first computation-only enzyme development platform

Our team is driven by the opportunity to terraform the chemical sector with the most advanced enzymes being produced to date.

EnzBond has developed a proprietary technology platform that allows us to screen thousands of potential mutants in a day resulting in the discovery of the most active enzymes for the molecule of interest. With such a powerful platform at hand, we are now able to develop novel enzyme routes to significantly improve the efficiency, purity, and economics of most challenging chemical syntheses.

Our Technology
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Reversing Functionality

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Amine Dehydrogenase

Novel Function and Stability

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Single Adol Adolase

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