A new era in biocatalysis


What is EnzBond

EnzBond is an innovative start-up that aims to change the current understanding of the enzyme evolution process. Enzbond has developed an automated in silico platform that allows rapid optimization of biocatalysts used for the production of small molecules. Our platform is capable of predicting enzyme activity with high accuracy and at speeds faster than alternative methods. EnzBond's technology is only mechanism dependent, meaning that it can be applied to any enzyme regardless of sequence, structure or catalytic characteristics. We can:

  • Improve enzymes used in your pipeline
  • Discover and Optimise enzymes that could be applied to your processes
  • Create a brand new custom enzyme to meet your needs

How we do it

Out team is driven by the opportunity to eliminate expensive and time consuming wetlab-based enzyme evolution processes and move into in silico screening instead. We've developed a proprietary technology platform that allows us to screen thousands of potential mutants in an hour resulting in highly efficient predictions of the most active enzymes for the molecule of interest. To find out more details check Our Technology section.

Who is Enzbond

EnzBond is led by enthusiastic young people, passionate about science and innovation. Today our team consist of scientists and experts in their respective fields. Together we make it possible to introduce novel, greener technologies and bring value to different chemical industries around the globe.

Check out Who is EnzBond section to learn more about us.

Contact us

We are more than happy to answer any questions that may arise. We can give rapid feedback about potential collaborations and discuss how we can be helpful to each other. Please feel free to write, call or request a meeting with us.

All the contact information as well as a list of events we will attend you can find on the Contact us page.